Teesside University
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Staff Information

Physiotherapy Programmes

Subject Leader - Anne Binks

Room: H2.37

Tel: (01642) 384980

e-mail: a.binks@tees.ac.uk

BSc Programme Leader - Jill Kent

Room: H2.38

Tel: (01642) 342590

e-mail: jillian.kent@tees.ac.uk

MSc Programme Leader - Steven Barr

Room: H2.38

Tel: (01642) 384171

e-mail: s.barr@tees.ac.uk

Clinical Education Lead(Msc and BSc) - Janice Rider

Room: HS2.16

Tel: (01642) 738763

e-mail: j.rider@tees.ac.uk

Placements Office - Di Fisher; Karen Robson and Lyndsey Young

Room: H0.39

e-mail: d.fisher@tees.ac.uk (re Placements)

Tel: (01642) 738157

e-mail: karen.robson@tees.ac.uk (re Placements)

Tel: (01642) 738157

e-mail: l.young@tees.ac.uk (re PepNet/Audit)

Tel: (01642) 738122